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GitLab Professional Services from Select Partner Cloudfresh

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You can explore the handbook to learn more about how we run the company, you can even make a merge request to suggest changes. Once the runner is installed and configured, navigate to services in your device, scroll down to GitLab Runner and set log on as Administrator. Delight your customers with seamless operation & instant updates using cost-effective, flexible, and scalable system.

The GitLab Solutions Architect Core meets the program requirements for pre-sales technical accreditation. GitLab has a commitment to enabling our partners with the skills that they need to best support current and future GitLab customers. This includes offering a combination of GitLab Partner Accreditations for Sales, Pre-Sales Technical, and Customer Success roles, as well as offering GitLab Certifications. Code signing is a process to confirm the authenticity and originality of digital information such as a piece of software code.

How to Integrate GitLab CI CD Pipeline with CodeSigning?

It is a very simple process as you’re just required to set up a runner, connect it with a GitLab account and build the pipeline to run the job. Codesigning is crucial in today’s date as malicious software, files continue to grow. You can contact us at [email protected] for any help regarding our code signing solution.

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“The vision that GitLab has in terms of tying strategy to scope and to code is very powerful. I appreciate the level of investment they are continuing to make in the platform.” To sign up for any of the courses listed on this page, please visit the training section on the GitLab Partner Portal and select Level Up. You do not require a separate login or credentials to access the GitLab Training Portal from the Partner Portal. At GitLab we value asynchronous working relationships, that’s why all of our Partner Training and Accreditations are self-paced and offered online. Learn anytime and anywhere with access to our training system using your GitLab Partner Portal login.

✅ Production Grade Gitlab Checklists

This fundamental course will give you and introduction to the GitLab product, licensing model, and how to transact with GitLab. Advisory workshops focus on a specific workflow, feature, or functional section of GitLab. We learn about your goals and provide an example of how to solve the problem with GitLab. At GitLab, being a great place to work means building a workplace where everyone can contribute and anyone can thrive. By submitting this form, you consent to be contacted about Encryption Consulting products and services.

  • By submitting this form, you consent to be contacted about Encryption Consulting products and services.
  • It is a comprehensive DevOps platform that enables experts to carry out every project work, from planning and managing the source code to monitoring and security.
  • GitLab has a commitment to enabling our partners with the skills that they need to best support current and future GitLab customers.
  • Our Gitlab implementation services help you quickly implement your GitLab solution and enable your organization to take advantage of your GitLab purchase quickly.
  • It is commonly used in software development but can also be applied to any type of files.
  • You need to first have an accurate Gitlab Implementation or Improvement plan, and find the most suitable Gitlab expert that is able to deliver precisely the changes you need.

GitLab accelerates building applications with tight Kubernetes integration to gain speed, reliability, & scale. Our team of experienced GitLab professionals get you started on the right path to success. GitLab offers c# web development a variety of courses delivered at your site or remotely by our experienced GitLab trainers. In addition, we offer specialized training that can be customized even further to meet your team’s unique needs.

Special Software Stacks Support

SAs can incorporate the value consulting into early sales stages while building a trusted relationship on both technology leadership and business impacts. How can we help you improve cycle time from weeks to minutes, reduce development costs and time to market while increasing developer productivity. We take care of day-to-day GitLab management & support allowing your teams to focus on code, not infrastructure maintenance. For customers who want to quickly deploy a stable GitLab instance for up to 1000 users, and learn how to maintain it, we recommend an implementation engagement from our team of Professional Services Engineers. Our software products are integrated, delivered, and deployed using GitLab CI and if you’re using any of the abovementioned non-mainstream technologies, we’re happy to share our experience. This fundamental course is designed for pre-sales technical professionals such as Solutions Architects or Sales Engineers and goes in depth demonstrating, deploying, integrating, and optimizing GitLab Solutions.

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Leveraging best practices, we address the specific gaps in your automation strategy, set up CI/CD pipeline, and run toolchains with customized implementation of GitLab solutions. “I was impressed with the amount of professionalism, communication, and speed of delivery.” The Gitlab expert starts working with your team to implement the solution, consulting you and doing the hands-on work at every step.

GitLab, the Product

The GitLab platform provides unsurpassed configurability in order to accommodate the most complex and challenging enterprise environments. Utilizing all of its capabilities can be challenging without having the right level of assistance and ongoing expertise. Enabling your organization at all levels is critical to ensuring your success at all levels.

GitLab is an all-inclusive web-based platform that caters to the entire software development lifecycle. It offers a comprehensive range of features, including version control, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), and project management. However, GitLab sets itself apart by incorporating advanced CI/CD pipelines, automating various tasks like building, testing, and deploying applications. It also provides tools for issue tracking, Kanban boards, and code review, facilitating collaboration and project organization. In addition, GitLab can be self-hosted, granting organizations full control over their codebase and infrastructure. Overall, GitLab serves as an extensive toolkit for seamless code collaboration, streamlined software development processes, and enhanced project management.

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Cloudfresh provides the following offerings that differ in commercial structure and methodology. The DevOps Platform that brings teams together in one application and empowers organizations to maximize the overall return on software development. Get a 30-day free trial for the GitLab self-managed licenses, and launch your successful DevOps transformation now. We can help you safely integrate or migrate your existing tools into GitLab ecosystem with proven marketplace or 3rd party applications or custom plugin development. Deliverables includes platform selection, planning, installation, configuration and migration, managed through a Time and Material or project-based approach.

“We have an expression at UBS, ‘all developers wait at the same speed,’ so anything we can do to reduce their waiting time is value added. And GitLab allows us to have that integrated experience.” Automate software delivery, boost productivity, and secure your end-to-end software supply chain. GitLab is an open core software company that develops the most comprehensive DevSecOps Platform used by more than 100,000 organizations. Our mission makes it clear that we believe in a world where everyone can contribute. We make that possible at GitLab by running our operations on our product and staying aligned with our values.

Your GitLab Consulting & Support Partner for DevOps Transformation

Its continuous integration (CI) capabilities automate the building and testing of code for development teams. The platform also includes security features that provide scan results within the native CI pipeline/workflow, and a dashboard that assists security professionals with managing vulnerabilities. GitLab is a web-based Git repository manager that provides source code management, continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) pipeline automation, and several other features for software development. It is a comprehensive DevOps platform that enables experts to carry out every project work, from planning and managing the source code to monitoring and security.

The Ingredients for Successful Gitlab Consulting & Hands-on Work

With Professional Services help, customers will be able accelerate their GitLab adoption journey with implementation, migration, advisory, acceleration, and education services designed to maximize the value GitLab can bring to their business. Code signing is a procedure that verifies the legitimacy of the author and the originality and authenticity of digital information, particularly software code. Additionally, it guarantees that this information has not been altered, falsified, or canceled after being digitally signed. The digital signature is created using a private key that’s only available to the software’s publisher. When the software is downloaded and installed, the digital signature is checked against the public key to confirm that it matches and that the software hasn’t been modified.

With our GitLab consulting services, you will receive a full range of services designed for you and meet your requirements. Integrating security into your DevOps lifecycle is easy with Gitlab Consulting Partners. Security is built-in, out of the box, giving you the visibility and control necessary to protect the integrity of your software supply chain, software factory, and its deliverables.